WeMark India : Visit, Enjoy, Review… and get PAID!! part[2]

After completing the assignment, a detailed questionnaire will be required to be filled to give a genuine feedback regarding the place as well as the things that came into notice while performing the mystery shopping task.  The general questions would include: Did the waiter serve you within 5 minutes of being there?  Did a shop assistant inform you about the special discount offer that month?  For filling out answers to questions like these, and for going undetected in the store, you will be paid a fee for your Mystery Shopping services. Isn’t it great!!

This is a perfect option for the ones who wish to turn the boring job into an exciting one. AtWeMark, we have several Mystery shoppers who are earning for shopping/enjoying at a restaurant. It’s a new and growing field and sure to attract more people as well as customers.


WeMark India : Visit, Enjoy, Review… and get PAID!!

The routine job that most people usually devote their time to may not be making them unhappy, but may not be making them happy either. This job can fetch ample amount in their pockets but might not revive the enthusiasm until it has the happiness quotient to it. This may not be so with all but surely many who are reading the blog could associate with it… isn’t it so? Now the question that arises is that how can one add happiness to the existing job or grab a job that makes you happy. Well!! Former question is for you to think upon and we are here to provide an apt solution to the latter one.
Who doesn’t like to go out and do shopping, have a treat at fast food shop or a gourmet restaurant or enjoy a spa in a beauty salon? And what if all this is a part of the job that you are doing and  not merely an occasional thing.  You can get all these pleasures while being paid for the same by being a Mystery Shopper. Wherein the task would be to visit an outlet and purchase particular items or observe specific aspects about a company’s product or service offerings; and review them from the customer’s perspective.  For example you may go to a restaurant to have a meal one day, but be asked to observe the service at a cinema or bank on your next assignment.  In the process of a Mystery shopping assignment; all that is desired is to make note of very specific element of the entire experience, be it about products or services. And if you are fond of it, you will surely notice even the minutest details


WeMark India : Refer a Friend

“The only way to have a friend is to be one – Ralph Waldo Emerson”

Refer A Friend
You get USD 5 for their first successful audit
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How it works ?
Refer your friends by simply asking your friends to register with us. They will receive a confirmation email from us.
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It’s Simple and Easy
Do not miss this opportunity
Email us at reference@wemarkglobal.com your friends email id, Login id and their Name along with your WeMark Login id so that we can keep a track and pay you.
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WeMark india : our presence

WeMark India is a privately held company headquartered in New Delhi(India).
Established in September 2008 as a professional mystery shopping company.

We have more than 150 international satisfied clients.
The company has a cost effective, scalable and innovative business model, which provides flexibility for 24×7 operations.Our Center of Excellence for Brand Auditing in India delivers high quality, cost effective, world-class solutions for startups, non-profits and enterprise organizations. We put in solutions that ensure a continuous cycle of improvement in processes and business functions.
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  • Around 50K+ shoppers working with us across 106 countries.
  • We conduct over 1.50L+ mystery shopping evaluations.
  • We provide services in 106 countries of the world.
  • We are present in 1069 cities in India.

WeMark india : Advancing the Art of Mystery Shopping

We make your business ‘Customer Ready’; assisting further in your pursuit of adding and retaining loyal As a top audit and mystery shopping company, we also offer our expert services to hotels, multiplexes and other luxury and entertainment business avenues. The mystery shoppers we hire are best talents who are also trained for exact reporting of their findings ensuring we offer you information that can positively aid your business decisions.
consumers. A business that you cannot monitor by yourself or a retail chain with hundreds of franchise ideally requires our expert mystery shopping services in Delhi, India.