WeMark India : how we do it ?

Since its outset, WeMark has remarkably touched the customer experience chords, helping the companies connect to the customers well and ultimately accustom their processes to render value to their esteemed customers. Apart from the mystery shoppers, WeMark also specializes in market research to gather information about markets or customers; which plays a vital role in defining the business strategy. The diverse services offered by WeMark under market search include Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Due Diligence Program, Database management Applications, EmployeeEngagement Surveys, Customer Feedback & Analysis, Employee Knowledge Audit, Brand Recall, Audit Customer Experience Consulting, Strategic Consulting, Feasibility Studies, Employee Feedback & Analysis, Employee Quality Audit and BrandConsistency Audit. The information thus gained helps evaluate the risks, identify potential problems, evaluate success as well as influence the strategic business decisions.

Many companies have already benefitted through WeMark’s Mystery shopping and have transformed from good to great through the potential insights generated by WeMark’s team. This unique technique has not only gathered incident-specific information about the moment of truth when a customer came in contact with an organization, but also helped in tracking the attributes and behaviors that impact long-term guest value, satisfaction and advocacy


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