WeMark India : Visit, Enjoy, Review… and get PAID!!

The routine job that most people usually devote their time to may not be making them unhappy, but may not be making them happy either. This job can fetch ample amount in their pockets but might not revive the enthusiasm until it has the happiness quotient to it. This may not be so with all but surely many who are reading the blog could associate with it… isn’t it so? Now the question that arises is that how can one add happiness to the existing job or grab a job that makes you happy. Well!! Former question is for you to think upon and we are here to provide an apt solution to the latter one.
Who doesn’t like to go out and do shopping, have a treat at fast food shop or a gourmet restaurant or enjoy a spa in a beauty salon? And what if all this is a part of the job that you are doing and  not merely an occasional thing.  You can get all these pleasures while being paid for the same by being a Mystery Shopper. Wherein the task would be to visit an outlet and purchase particular items or observe specific aspects about a company’s product or service offerings; and review them from the customer’s perspective.  For example you may go to a restaurant to have a meal one day, but be asked to observe the service at a cinema or bank on your next assignment.  In the process of a Mystery shopping assignment; all that is desired is to make note of very specific element of the entire experience, be it about products or services. And if you are fond of it, you will surely notice even the minutest details



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