WeMark India : Mystery Shopping-Third Party Review for improved performance


Mystery shopping is increasingly gaining prevalence in present time when customer feedback has become a matter of concern for most businesses. Reason being that nowadays people are aware of the various platforms available to them wherein they can express their feedback about a particular product or service, be it good, neutral or worse. For this matter, the companies are keen to know the perception that the customer gets on visiting the store, using the products, interacting with the personnel and based on several other factors.

From being a way to measure employee integrity, Mysteryshopping has come a long way as now it is a source to witness third partyreviews through the mystery shopper, in order to know first hand customer experience on visiting a particular store. Further, mystery shopping can be used in any industry, with the most common venues being retail stores, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, fast food chains, banks, gas stations, car dealerships, apartments, health clubs and health care facilities. Since 2010, mystery shopping has become abundant in the medical tourism industry, with healthcare providers and medical facilities using the tool to assess and improve the customer service experience.  Apart from being a great idea to improve on performance front, it is an exceptional way to address the concerns of the shoppers who are dissatisfied with the services delivered to them.

Other than direct visit to avail the shopping experience and give feedback, several tools used formystery shopping assessments range from simple questionnaires to complete audio and video recordings. The analysis obtained from these tools then leads to generate a full-fledged report of where a company stands in terms of serving its customers and if there is a scope for improvement. In the UK mystery shopping is increasingly used to provide feedback on customer services provided by local authorities, and other non-profit organizations such as housing associations and churches. Mystery shopping benefits both the companies as well as the customers for the reason that companies can improve to provide the best services thus preventing the customers from going to the competitor and the customers can get satisfaction in all the desired aspects.


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