WeMark’s Reporting Analytics-“Your Vision is our Priority”

Analyzing the Data

Success requires lot of attention but how to examine that. How to check all the areas of customer experience and how to find the improvement areas or areas that require immediate action. Basically reporting is access to static information (it could be as completed as you like and you could consult them in paper o in a computer, but you only can use the information included in the report. Analytics is the BI functionality that provide the users to work with the information, loocking for causes, trends, relations betwen indicator and diferents dimensions relevants for business, building diferents reports in there main need. Our reporting technology provides each client with a variety of reports which allows them to evaluate everything from how their staff addresses their customers to what their industry standards are. The software we use gives you just that and a lot more. With the help of these customer experience reports, you can view the experience from the customer’s shoes and simultaneously managers can work on their training skills. These reports can also be used to review your employee’s performance in various months and their comparison as well.It can be used to reward star performers, provide training to employees wherever required and motivate them as well.


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