Types of Mystery shopping Audits at Wemark India

Types of Mystery Shopping at Wemark India

Types of Mystery Shopping at WeMark India

Organization leaders are increasingly challenged to improve their operations and meet customer demands for price, service, experience and quality. To get an insight into what happens when prospective buyers are in contact with your sales and customer service teams, they use Mystery shopping as the best tool. Mystery shopping can assist your company in objectively measuring your customers buying experience. It will help you identify training requirements, opportunities to improve your customer care policies & procedures.

Mystery Shopping will help your business to:

  • Evaluate Staff Performance
  • Highlights customer service issues
  • Improve and reward your Customer Service team

 WeMark India provides Mystery Shopping which has specifically-designed matrices, solutions, and training programs to address every domain in all the industries. WeMark uses customised methodologies to assess how customers experience various products and services. The typical area that they cover are : Brand Assurance/Compliance Evaluations, Customer Experience Evaluation, Customer/Guest Service Evaluations, Customer Touch Points Evaluation, Signature Employee Evaluation, Brand standards Implementation Evaluation etc. The various type of mystery shopping audit you can get under WeMark’s Mystery Shopping Service are as follow:

  • Experience Mystery Audits
  • Price Break Mystery Audits
  • Sales Mystery Audits
  • Promotion Mystery Audits
  • Hygiene Mystery Audits
  • Video Mystery Audits
  • Telephonic Mystery Audits
  • Fire and Safety Audits
  • MICE Audits
  • Competition benchmarking

For More Details Visit : http://www.wemarkindia.com/mystery_shopping01.html


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