WeMark India Reviews: A Hub of Unique Mystery Shopper Database

Wemark India : Mystery Shopper Database

Wemark India : Mystery Shopper Database

WeMark India have one of the unique mystery shopper database. They are just like a group of normal customers who would give you a critical insight of your customer service and your brand. They have them available in almost 40 countries of the world and they are carefully picked by us on the basis of fulfillment of certain criteria. Some of them are working with WeMark India on Full time (5000+) basis and some of them are Part time (45,000+) mystery shoppers. WeMark’s mystery shoppers are detail oriented, thorough observant and committed to deadlines, they are honest in their evaluations and keep all information regarding the assignments confidential.

WeMark  have mystery shoppers from various fields of the industry. You pick an industry and we have one working as a Mystery shopper with us like for example we have:

  • Ex General Managers of 5 star hotels
  • Hoteliers with 10+ years of experience in Business Excellence
  • Frequent Business Travelers
  • Airlines Captains and Co Pilots
  • Fashion and Hotel Critics
  • Corporate Trainers and many more

Also their database is constantly updated and filtered because we believe in keeping only the best.

Visit : http://www.wemarkindia.com/mystery_shopping01.html


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