How to be a good mystery shopper?

good mystery shopper

Mystery shoppers ultimately have to provide the clients with an objective measure of their service and brand. Mystery shoppers at WeMark India experience a service or a brand through visits, telephone calls or online assessments. Then they are asked to complete an online survey that provides a detailed picture of their own customer experience. In return for their services, they receive a fee and/or complimentary products or services.

The term that best describes a perfect mystery shopper is “Credible customer” for the simple reason that he has to act like a real customer in order to review the services aptly. Seemingly easy, being a good mystery shopper and finding work as one, requires some special skills and attributes. At WeMark India, we offer a global mystery shopping service, employing thousands of mystery shoppers to give our clients the exact review of their services by acquainting them with the customer experience on availing their services.This is credible service of the best mystery shopping company.

Here is a list of attributes that are desired in a mystery shopper to perform his job well:

  • Top notch communication skills: communication skill while acting as a mystery shopper as well as while dealing with the client to give the review of services is very important attribute of a mystery shopper. As when communicated properly, the review can help a business head towards improvement for better customer experience.
  • Follow directions: Certain written instructions need to be followed while on mystery shopping. Adherence to the instructions helps in fetching the desired information to the client.
  • Good eye for details: While ensuring to eye all the details related to certain features and attributes, the mystery shopper has to meet the deadlines. Businesses rely on the results of the shopping experience to improve their customer service. Meeting deadlines ensures that the business receives the information in a timely manner and takes action accordingly.
  • Slightly creative and able to think quickly: Shoppers are sometimes asked to create a fictional scenario to obtain specific results in which creative outlook plays an important role.
  • Amiable nature: Being friendly while performing a shop is always a benefit.
  • Ability to interpret the experience: The services need to be experienced and at the same time need to be reviewed in written format which requires the mystery shopper to aptly interpret the experience. A comprehensive synopsis of the shopping experience need to be written to adequately communicate the events and details of the shopping experience.
  • Unbiased: The review should be totally based on the overall experience and other factors that would vary based on which services are being reviewed. Hence, it has to be unbiased.

One thought on “How to be a good mystery shopper?

  1. siddharth malhotra says:

    This is the Best mystery shopping company in Delhi. This article shows that how to be a good mystery shopping and also give the information about the credible customers.They also offers the global mystery shopping service.This article shows that what are the key qualities of a mystery shopper.

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