Mystery Shopping: Pros and cons

Shopping 2

WeMark India is Best Mystery shopping is a new and evolving field but sure not monotonous like the usual 9 am to 6 pm jobs. Nowadays, increasing number of people especially the college goers have the thirst to earn for satiating their ever increasing expenditures. And for them what could be a better job than mystery shopping for the fact that it gives them the chance to be paid for things they would do normally. So why spend when you get paid for it and what you are desired to do in return is review it without being biased.

Not merely college goers but also the people who love trying out new things and are not perfect fit for the usual job routines can always have an experience of being a “mystery shopper”. Like any other field, this job profile too has its own pros and cons which would vary with each individual


  • Working hours: Adopt the working hours as per own suitability and lifestyle.
  • Interesting: The job varies as you get to visit different places for reviewing services and products and hence there’s little chance of becoming bored.
  • Choice: You also get the freedom to choose the assignments that go well with your interests as then the review that would come shall be more close to the genuine one.


  • Company Legibility: There are a good number of genuine mysteries shopping opportunities out there but at the same time, there exist frauds as well. The golden rule here is never to sign up to a company which asks for payment before they offer you a job – the legitimate companies only ever require you to pay out unavoidable expenses upfront, i.e. for goods at the time of purchase which are later reimbursed.
  • Reporting: You might be good at evaluating services but if you can’t express the same in a detailed manner; then you are not apt for it. Mystery shopping reports tend to be extremely detailed and lengthy and a large proportion of your time can be taken up by filling them in.These are the Pros and  cons  by the Best mystery shopping Company in Delhi.

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