What do you understand by Mystery Shopping?

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WeMark Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a kind of research and analytical exercise which is designed to detect and assess behavioral and operational performance at different workplaces. The shopping process involves calling or visiting a company under the guise of a prospective customer in order to observe how retail staff and other personnel interact with customers and the general public. They can help you to improve your business by identifying areas that need improvement or to assess staff behavior across different parameters.

The mystery shopper often provide you with inside information about real-time situations on your employees’ selling skills, customer service skills and communication skills and so on. Understandably, today it has become a crucial tool for improvement across a wide section of industries and accordingly different types available for your exact need.

In-person Mystery Shopping Service

This is the most common type where a shopper visits a counter or location personally in order to get a first-hand experience of the situation. Usually, a single mystery shopper goes on a particular assignment that can be over within ten minutes or last for more than hours based on the industry, the format / size of the location or the basic purpose of the establishment.

In-person mystery shopping can either be a report-only format or involve taking covert video footage. In report-only formats, the mystery shopper will carry a preset questionnaire that he will fill up secretly after interacting with staff under various pretexts.

Cover video operations allow employers to get a first-hand view of how staff behave and interact with customers in different situations. In-person services are much sought after in restaurants and hotels, banking sector, retail, convenience stores, automobile sectors, and healthcare and fitness centers and so on.

WeMark is an ISO certified company, offering mystery shopping services to help business improve their client handling and services.


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