WeMark India :Significance of Mystery Shopping

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WeMark India Mystery Shopping

Well said, organizations are born but brands are built. The accomplishment of any organization depends on the satisfaction level of its patrons. Client satisfaction is an evaluation of how products and services supplied by a company go beyond customer’s expectation. In such a competitive commercial scenario, client satisfaction is perceived as a foremost distinguisher and has gradually turned into a key aspect of business policies. Consequently, it is crucial for any business to efficiently achieve customer satisfaction up to optimum levels. In order to achieve this, organizations need trustworthy benchmarks of measuring satisfaction.

This need has given rise to the concept of Mystery Shopping. Mystery Shopping includes the execution of different brand audits and market research plans so has to help the brands see what their customers actually witness on the shop floor.

Below mentioned are some of the benefits that come along with finest Mystery Shopping Services:

Facilitates Accurate Customer Insight (ACI)

Improved Customer Delight & Satisfaction Index (CDSI)

Examines facility setting – asset fortification

Gets hold of new prospects

Boosts overall sales

Identifies loopholes in management and staff

Eliminates customer complaints

Enhances brand recall value

Maintains reliability of brand

Improves varied areas of service delivery

Monitors and estimates service performance levels

Provides better customer retention

Provide feedback from front line operations

Bridges the gap between customer expectations and experience

WeMark, an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company, has excelled the sphere of rendering Mystery Shopping Services to its esteemed customers. Its areas of operation cater different industries such as hospitality, leisure, travel, retail, automobile, food services, family entertainment centers and more. With the aid of specifically-designed matrices and training programs they are highly capable of addressing every domain across varied industries.


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