Measuring Employee Engagement

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A company can perform well only because of its employees. Employers play an important role in every company’s progress. Engagement of every employee is very necessary. Workforces of large employees in which all are engaged in their work undoubtedly take the company to the optimum level. Engagement of employees has a direct impact on company’s performance. Several companies measures their staff engagement score. More engagement of employees will lead to more productivity and more growth. If employees do their job more effectively then they can sell their products more easily by making customer happy which increases sales, profit and stock prices.

With high employee engagement, company’s productivity can be boosted with higher growth rate and also profit becomes double. An employee will engage with the company more easily when he has emotional attachment or connection with the firm. With this approach they are more empowered to come up with more innovative solutions.  They will be able to find ideas to improve business profile of the company. And they will be boosted with new energies which make them more productive.

Now the second thing comes how to measure employee engagement? Wemark suggests some ways to measure employee engagement:

I want to do this – If employer wants only money then engagement is difficult. Only genuinely interested employee will engage with his work or can do it more passionately. By helping an employer in deciding what he wants in his career can increase engagement with his work because now he knows what he wants and will do anything to achieve it.

Strong dedication – Just being interested in any job does not mean that he or she is committed to that job. If employer is not fully dedicated to his job then how can he take the company to its optimum level. Strong dedication is required for employee’s engagement.

I love what I am doing – It is the most important factor in employee’s engagement. If anyone loves his work the he can do anything for completing it. Passion is really important in doing your job. This passion is the thing which inspires you to do your job with more engagement. And if the engagement is strong then no one can stop an employee to take his company profile to the top.

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