Internal Auditing: How important it is for a company?

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Internal Auditing: How important it is for a company?

Internal Auditing is an activity of exercising management controls within an organization. This disciplined and systematic approach involves multiple processes that aim at boosting the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. It includes planning, organization, direction and control of operations by setting up innovative systems that can measure, report and monitor performance. It offers enhanced risk-management to business houses and assists in accomplishing the pre-established goals and objectives successfully.


We, at WeMark India, excel in providing the best brand surveying, auditing, and management systems. We will walk you through the specific benefits of internal auditing and how it improves varied business processes and functions.


  • Helps in assessment of risk: Internal audit measures an organization’s current activities as well as the future changes that could be a threat to the management. Audit reports will help in evaluating the risks and setting up plans to prevent them. This may include a detailed review of strategic plans, financial statements, prior audit reports, and interviews of department/project heads.


  • Aids in identifying operation redundancies: Internal auditing is a great way for organizations to detect loopholes in the existing operational, management, and control techniques. It provides in-depth analysis so that corrective measures could be taken in the right direction.


  • An internal ‘Early Warning System’: The process of auditing helps in identifying and rectifying the faltering and deficient areas of the organization internally. It serves as an early warning system that aids management in taking effective steps before an external compliance auditor or regulatory body detects the shortcomings and attacks the credibility of the company.


  • Increases accountability: Regular and impromptu auditing evaluates the functioning of control systems as well as the employees handling them. It will help in identifying and filling of gaps, and simultaneously increase the accountability of each member of the team. This will bring stability to both the process-dependent and person-dependent approaches.


Establishing an internal audit team is not a colossal investment but, certainly, a vital one. Not only it will repel potential financial frauds like improper payroll transactions, cash theft and check tampering, but also misuse of company’s other confidential resources and policies. For more details, visit


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