Benefits of Mystery shopping research for your business


Mystery shopping is a technique employed by market research firms to gather information about certain products or services. The idea behind using this research tool is to improve business processes by evaluating the response of customers on a particular commodity or the quality of service. Manufacturers usually hire a ‘secret shopper’ or a ‘mystery consumer’ who visits retail stores as a casual shopper. His role is to collect insights on the display of products, purchasing trends, prices and approach of sales staff for carrying out quantitative and qualitative analysis.

WeMark, one of the best mystery shopping companies in New Delhi, discusses how the exercise assists firms in:

  1. Boosting lead generation and conversions
  2. Increasing revenue and profits
  3. Keeping a track of the current pricing policy
  4. Understanding the marketing techniques used by competitors to gain an edge over them
  5. Gauging the alterations required to be made onadvertising methods and costs
  6. Anticipating customers’ requirements for the future
  7. Identifying deviations from legal regulations
  8. Reassuring the compliance of employees with pre-defined standards and rules
  9. Measure quality of service and enhancing the employees’ relationship with customers
  10. Planning the business policies
  11. Establishing a basis for training or rewarding sales personnel
  12. Defining expectations of sales staff and other employees
  13. Monitoring the impacts of modifications brought in processes, products, working, systems, timings, etc.

WeMark India specialises in offering result-oriented and reliable mystery shopping services. We cater to companies from varied industrial verticals, such as hospitality, entertainment, travel, FMCG, and so on. Our endeavour is to assist businesses to be ‘Customer Ready’. We, at WeMark, help companies with accurate findings and precise reports to make positive business decisions, retain the existing customer base, and attract potential leads. Visit to know more about us.

Internal Auditing: How important it is for a company?

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Internal Auditing: How important it is for a company?

Internal Auditing is an activity of exercising management controls within an organization. This disciplined and systematic approach involves multiple processes that aim at boosting the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. It includes planning, organization, direction and control of operations by setting up innovative systems that can measure, report and monitor performance. It offers enhanced risk-management to business houses and assists in accomplishing the pre-established goals and objectives successfully.


We, at WeMark India, excel in providing the best brand surveying, auditing, and management systems. We will walk you through the specific benefits of internal auditing and how it improves varied business processes and functions.


  • Helps in assessment of risk: Internal audit measures an organization’s current activities as well as the future changes that could be a threat to the management. Audit reports will help in evaluating the risks and setting up plans to prevent them. This may include a detailed review of strategic plans, financial statements, prior audit reports, and interviews of department/project heads.


  • Aids in identifying operation redundancies: Internal auditing is a great way for organizations to detect loopholes in the existing operational, management, and control techniques. It provides in-depth analysis so that corrective measures could be taken in the right direction.


  • An internal ‘Early Warning System’: The process of auditing helps in identifying and rectifying the faltering and deficient areas of the organization internally. It serves as an early warning system that aids management in taking effective steps before an external compliance auditor or regulatory body detects the shortcomings and attacks the credibility of the company.


  • Increases accountability: Regular and impromptu auditing evaluates the functioning of control systems as well as the employees handling them. It will help in identifying and filling of gaps, and simultaneously increase the accountability of each member of the team. This will bring stability to both the process-dependent and person-dependent approaches.


Establishing an internal audit team is not a colossal investment but, certainly, a vital one. Not only it will repel potential financial frauds like improper payroll transactions, cash theft and check tampering, but also misuse of company’s other confidential resources and policies. For more details, visit

Measuring Employee Engagement

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A company can perform well only because of its employees. Employers play an important role in every company’s progress. Engagement of every employee is very necessary. Workforces of large employees in which all are engaged in their work undoubtedly take the company to the optimum level. Engagement of employees has a direct impact on company’s performance. Several companies measures their staff engagement score. More engagement of employees will lead to more productivity and more growth. If employees do their job more effectively then they can sell their products more easily by making customer happy which increases sales, profit and stock prices.

With high employee engagement, company’s productivity can be boosted with higher growth rate and also profit becomes double. An employee will engage with the company more easily when he has emotional attachment or connection with the firm. With this approach they are more empowered to come up with more innovative solutions.  They will be able to find ideas to improve business profile of the company. And they will be boosted with new energies which make them more productive.

Now the second thing comes how to measure employee engagement? Wemark suggests some ways to measure employee engagement:

I want to do this – If employer wants only money then engagement is difficult. Only genuinely interested employee will engage with his work or can do it more passionately. By helping an employer in deciding what he wants in his career can increase engagement with his work because now he knows what he wants and will do anything to achieve it.

Strong dedication – Just being interested in any job does not mean that he or she is committed to that job. If employer is not fully dedicated to his job then how can he take the company to its optimum level. Strong dedication is required for employee’s engagement.

I love what I am doing – It is the most important factor in employee’s engagement. If anyone loves his work the he can do anything for completing it. Passion is really important in doing your job. This passion is the thing which inspires you to do your job with more engagement. And if the engagement is strong then no one can stop an employee to take his company profile to the top.

To know more, contact Wemark India.

WeMark Mystery Shopping



The premise of mystery shopping is straightforward – a normal, ordinary Jane (or Joe) is hired by an organization to act like a normal customer. The organization can then gauge the secret customer’s experience against their administration metrics with an end goal to recognize any gaps in delivery of customer service. The managing of a mystery shopping program, in any case, is not all that straightforward. Technology assumes a major part in dealing with today’s mystery shopping programs, and permits providers to facilitate the following administrations to their customers:

  • Selecting and managing mystery shoppers
  • Managing customer rotation, program rules, location rotation, and so forth.
  • Area/Site list management
  • Customer debriefings (incorporates gathering computerized pictures)
  • “Savvy Probe” and different types of content analytics
  • Managing appeals
  • Quality checks
  • Reporting (Dashboards, scorecards, and so forth.)
  • Case Management/Activity planning

Technology in the mystery shopping business is much the same as everything else in this day and age – it’s advancing at lightning speed, and on the off chance that you don’t stay aware of it, you will most unquestionably be deserted. An immaculate case is mobile technology. We are currently seeing increase in use of mobile technology in the mystery shopping industry. Mobile has enormous influence on how secret shops/audits are conducted. There is no requirement for customers to survey paper materials—they can read the task on their tablet or telephone by means of a mobile application. Or, think about the customer who carries his or her cell phone onto the appointed site and promptly records all observations. Instant feedback is received.

From the mystery shopping provider’s perspective, refinements to program rules and/or shop guidelines can also be made electronically—making them quickly accessible to customers/reviewers. Another plus point in using mobile technology is that it permits results to be delivered to customers all the more rapidly, in this way allowing them to make a move more rapidly.

One sure way to make and maintain a strong mystery shopping program is to join leading technology with experienced individuals. A creditable program is one that will convey positive results since it will have the sponsorship of all partners within the organization to drive results – in light of the fact that they have confidence in the program.

So if you’re also a techno geek and love to shop, then mystery shopping is only for you. Go ahead and become a mystery shopper with the help of WeMark India.

Do’s and don’ts of Mystery Shopping

Secret shopping, otherwise called mystery shopping, is the art of examining an organization’s customer related services tactfully. Mystery shopping has been used for quite a while now in order to enhance the customer’s experience, and has helped various organizations gather crucial details into their business. Mystery shopping is a serious business and requires certain abilities to perform the task. Wish to become a mystery shopper? Read these tips by WeMark India  of mystery shopping and make the best out of them.

Do check the legal laws before initiating mystery shopping. Some states require mystery shoppers to get a permit first.

Try not to let your mood cloud your judgment. Being fair-minded is the key.

Do ensure that you follow the guidelines provided by the shopping organization to the dot. You won’t have the ability to compose a professional report in case that you neglect to appropriately follow the rules that were given.

Try not to include your opinions in the report, be objective. The company did not contract you to edify them with your useful tidbits.

Do direct secret shopping amid rush hours. The true picture of an organization’s client administration standards must be assessed when the employees are overpowered with workload.

Try not to go in without doing complete research on the particular business. You ought to be very much aware of what’s in store once you land there. Ensure you get your work done and have a clear picture in your mind.

Do act normal and carry on like an ordinary customer while shopping else it would be evident that you are a mystery shopper. Contemplate what you are wearing, your non-verbal communication, motions and how you are conveying.

Try not to take notes in a conspicuous way, you ought to be extremely unpretentious and not attract attention for yourself. Administrators are vigilant for mystery customers and a lens looking out of your handbag or writing notes before everybody will most unquestionably tip them off.

Do scribble down every one of the perceptions when you return from the task. You need to record it all while it is new. Deferring composing the report since you are tired will most presumably make you overlook the small points of interest. Keep in mind: everything matters.

Try not to take up a secret shopping work since it sounds energizing. Mystery shopping requires solid perception abilities. Not everybody is born to be a mystery shopper. Know your limits!

Important tools for Mystery Shopping

There are many mystery shopping tools for success. A sharp eye is crucial to being an awesome mystery shopper. Apart from this there are tools you can use to help you along the way. WeMark India helps you in exploring few of them.


A pocket sized or small note pad can prove to be useful when you have to scribble down quick notes. Keep in mind not to do this in front of an employee. You can visit washroom without the staff being suspicious that you might be a mystery shopper.

Quick responses to basic inquiries

There are situations where the person being analyzed will ask about your needs. You should be able to give answers that maintain the illusion that you are a genuine client. For instance, you may be asked to demand a specific size home. You should be ready with smart and quick answers 24*7.

Pocket audio recorder

In case that you would prefer not to carry a note pad, you can use a recorder to verbally record individual notes. Again, you don’t need the employer to see or know that you are doing this. This could incorporate leaving the recorder in your car, in case that it is not in your mobile phone, and rapidly recording all the information that you may not recollect.


You need to ensure you finish your mystery shopping contracts when promised. Keep in mind to make a note in your calendar along with the location and area of the shop. Some shop contract particulars incorporate time spans during the day for shop completion, and others determine within how many days the shop contract ought to be completed after you sign the contract.

Positive attitude

This is a standout amongst the most critical mystery shopping tool for success. When you have an uplifting state of mind, you make a space for the employer to feel the same and thus they won’t be able to doubt you to be mystery shopper.

You may feel a bit overpowered while completing your first mystery shop contract, but you will learn rapidly that once you have a system that works for you, it will be much simpler to review and gather the important data to partake in your mystery shop report.

Contact WeMark India for more important tools to become a successful mystery shopper.

Why Mystery Shopping?


The way in which a business deals with its goods and services is remarkable to any other business, similar to their customer selling strategy. In spite of the fact that there are numerous ways to achieve in business, they are all lined with the same fundamental stones. One of those key stones is customer administration; if the customer is not upbeat your business won’t flourish. The following are ten noteworthy reasons that any business ought to explore a mystery shopping rewards that will improve their recent customer service practices.

Diminish CRM Cost – Mystery Shopping reduces the CRM cost.

Benchmarking – The supporting pillars of customer administrations are your customer administration representatives. Poor performance of customer service representatives can greatly affect your business. Indeed, even the slightest setbacks can be recognized by a mystery shopping administration and catapult the performance of your representatives.

Instant ROI – Identifying best practices within an organization is the thing that a mystery shopper is supposed to do. Quick feedback will bring about a quicker change process for your business. A speedier turnaround implies an increased ROI.

Achieving Desired Results – An organization’s objectives are measured in various ways. One way that is less prominent is instant feedback. A mystery shopping administration permits your organization to gauge customer service results.

Adding Profits – Unhappy customers are more likely to spread negative feedback to their near and dear ones about the bad experience they had gained from your organization. A mystery shopper can identify this and can help you overcome this problem and can lead a helping hand in adding more profit to your company.

Proficient Analysis – A mystery shopper can assess a customer service significantly more successfully than a regular customer. Every mystery shopper has been educated about your business and your best practices and due to this he can offer more astute and effective  help.

Unbiased Evaluation – A mystery shopper gives a third party evaluation of your business’ procedure.

Productive – A successful business is established in consumer loyalty. A recent study revealed that mystery shopping projects are a powerful way to enhance an organization’s customer service.

Mystery shopping provides benefits not only to the company bus as well as to the mystery shopper also. For more info, contact Wemark.