Mystery Shopping – An Excellent Way to Make Extra Money

Habitually, people who wish to strengthen their finances cut down on everyday expenditure. But trimming expenses is not feasible all the time. And unless you have already earned heaps of money and lived like a bon vivant, you certainly can’t pull out enough from your finances by lessening expenses. The more you tighten your belt, the more your quality of life will suffer. If you’re in quest of increasing your revenue streams, prospects for earning extra money proliferate for people at all stages of experience.

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One such opportunity is Mystery Shopping, also known as secret shopping, which is indeed an exceptional way to earn extra money. For this you don’t need a previous experience or special knowledge, rather you have to be awesome at shopping. The mystery shopping companies, such as Wemark, take up men and women of all ages as secret shoppers with the purpose of obtaining feedback from various people on different services. In some cases mystery shopping mocks have to be performed by people who are accompanied by kids for reporting on particular facilities in places like theme parks or family eateries. If you like shopping, mystery shopping will definitely be an entertaining way for you to earn second money. The survey companies will pay you to shop, treat at restaurants, have a drink at a bar, watch movies, take a trip etc.

Mystery shopping revolves around the concept of getting paid by a business, without the associate workers knowing that you are something more than a regular customer. They are unaware of the fact that you are responsible for reporting back to the mystery shopping company.

The reason why such survey companies subsist is that they endow with companies unbiased feedback on their employees, services and products. This will help the companies to figure out the gap and take up all necessary steps to improve things.


Importance of Internal Auditor:WeMark India



Internal Auditing, according to the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), can be defined as an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations. The internal audit activity helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

In other words, internal audit provides an independent and unbiased assessment of the operations of the organization. It renders information to the management regarding the management of risk effectively. It acts as a catalyst for improvement in government processes. Being an advisor, it tells management of the organization what it needs to know and at what time. Thus, it has become very vital for the success of any organization to conduct internal audits.

There are various types of audits conducted by the organizations to achieve particular objectives. Operational Audit, Program Audit, Fraud Audit, Ethical business practices Audit, Compliance Audit, Control self-assessment Audit, Financial audit, Stock & Cash Audit, Health & Safety Audit, Food & Quality Control Audit, Trade License Audit are some of the internal audits.

Internal auditor is an organization’s critical friend. A friend who can challenge current practice, champion best practice and act as a catalyst for improvement. Following are the certain activities performed by the internal auditor in order to help organization accomplish its strategic objectives.

  • Internal auditor evaluates controls and give advises to managers at all levels. He assesses the tone and risk management culture of the organization at one level and reports on the effective implementation of policies at another level.
  • Internal auditor identifies key activities and relevant risk factors associated with them. The ways in which an internal auditor assesses the risks are hugely impacted by changing trends and economic conditions.
  • The techniques of internal auditinghave changed from a reactive and controlbased form to a more proactive and risk basedapproach. This enables the internal auditorto anticipate possible future concerns andopportunities as well as identifying current issues.
  • Internal auditor should be well-versed with the strategic objectives of the organization to have a clear comprehension of how the operations of an organization fit into a bigger picture.
  • Internal auditor reviews compliance to ensure that whether a certain organization is adhering to rules, regulations, code of ethics, laws, guidelines and practices or not.

WeMark is a leading company which conducts around 1.5 lakhs audits every year.

Key Qualities of a Mystery Shopper:WeMark India Reviews

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WeMark India

Becoming an efficient mystery shopper is no big deal but it is certainly not as easy a task as it seems to be. Experts from WeMark believe that secret shopping is a slightly tricky task and demands a bit of smartness.

A lot of people take this task for granted and leave their assignments incomplete. This is highly unprofessional and it is a sign of an irresponsible mystery shopper. Almost around 25% of mystery shopper tasks, accepted by shoppers, remain incomplete and needs to be reassigned to somebody else. This causes a lot of trouble and confusion for the companies who deal into mystery shopping. So an important step to become an efficient mystery shopper is to work with a commitment to complete the task assigned to you.

You must be confident enough to speak to an employee of any shop or store, without revealing your identity as a secret shopper. The most effective way is to remain calm and normal while speaking to any storekeeper or employee.

Another thing to keep in mind is to write all the relevant points in your report by recalling your experience during the shopping. With experience you would certainly become better and better so try to take as many assignments as possible.

Many secret shoppers tend to avoid contacting the company in case of any doubt or confusion and this leads to even more confusion. So whenever you feel the need to seek any guidance, do not hesitate in contacting the company as they would be happy to help you.

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WeMark India :Significance of Mystery Shopping

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WeMark India Mystery Shopping

Well said, organizations are born but brands are built. The accomplishment of any organization depends on the satisfaction level of its patrons. Client satisfaction is an evaluation of how products and services supplied by a company go beyond customer’s expectation. In such a competitive commercial scenario, client satisfaction is perceived as a foremost distinguisher and has gradually turned into a key aspect of business policies. Consequently, it is crucial for any business to efficiently achieve customer satisfaction up to optimum levels. In order to achieve this, organizations need trustworthy benchmarks of measuring satisfaction.

This need has given rise to the concept of Mystery Shopping. Mystery Shopping includes the execution of different brand audits and market research plans so has to help the brands see what their customers actually witness on the shop floor.

Below mentioned are some of the benefits that come along with finest Mystery Shopping Services:

Facilitates Accurate Customer Insight (ACI)

Improved Customer Delight & Satisfaction Index (CDSI)

Examines facility setting – asset fortification

Gets hold of new prospects

Boosts overall sales

Identifies loopholes in management and staff

Eliminates customer complaints

Enhances brand recall value

Maintains reliability of brand

Improves varied areas of service delivery

Monitors and estimates service performance levels

Provides better customer retention

Provide feedback from front line operations

Bridges the gap between customer expectations and experience

WeMark, an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company, has excelled the sphere of rendering Mystery Shopping Services to its esteemed customers. Its areas of operation cater different industries such as hospitality, leisure, travel, retail, automobile, food services, family entertainment centers and more. With the aid of specifically-designed matrices and training programs they are highly capable of addressing every domain across varied industries.

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What do you understand by Mystery Shopping?

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WeMark Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a kind of research and analytical exercise which is designed to detect and assess behavioral and operational performance at different workplaces. The shopping process involves calling or visiting a company under the guise of a prospective customer in order to observe how retail staff and other personnel interact with customers and the general public. They can help you to improve your business by identifying areas that need improvement or to assess staff behavior across different parameters.

The mystery shopper often provide you with inside information about real-time situations on your employees’ selling skills, customer service skills and communication skills and so on. Understandably, today it has become a crucial tool for improvement across a wide section of industries and accordingly different types available for your exact need.

In-person Mystery Shopping Service

This is the most common type where a shopper visits a counter or location personally in order to get a first-hand experience of the situation. Usually, a single mystery shopper goes on a particular assignment that can be over within ten minutes or last for more than hours based on the industry, the format / size of the location or the basic purpose of the establishment.

In-person mystery shopping can either be a report-only format or involve taking covert video footage. In report-only formats, the mystery shopper will carry a preset questionnaire that he will fill up secretly after interacting with staff under various pretexts.

Cover video operations allow employers to get a first-hand view of how staff behave and interact with customers in different situations. In-person services are much sought after in restaurants and hotels, banking sector, retail, convenience stores, automobile sectors, and healthcare and fitness centers and so on.

WeMark is an ISO certified company, offering mystery shopping services to help business improve their client handling and services.

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Why Is Excellent Staff Knowledge so Important : WeMark

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Get some information about what makes an incredible client experience and they will normally specify something relating to validity, uniqueness and a human touch. Clients like it when they are dealt with like individuals, so your staff that gives careful consideration to their needs is significantly more prone to pick up a deal.

In every business item learning is significant, as it means understanding your product so altogether that your staffs have the capacity to make it work for any client. The most ideal method for guaranteeing your staff will have the capacity to help that specific client or customer by offering an exceptional, customized administration which is certain to impress.

Demonstrating solid learning and skill of your products is urgent for making a positive client experience and imparting confidence and trust inside the client. Without exact or accessible product learning, your products will be useless. Having an exhaustive comprehension of the products can permit your staff to utilize diverse procedures and strategies for displaying them to clients. Following knowledge regarding the product is must for your staff in order to gain and retain clients:

  • Styles, hues or models
  • History of the item
  • Any uncommon assembling procedure
  • Step by step instructions to utilize the item
  • Item circulation and conveyance
  • Overhauling, guarantee and repair data

Being knowledgeable in your items permits your staff to effectively counter complaints. Services fromWeMark’ can help your firm in accessing the knowledge of your staff about your products and the brand as well which is essential for finding the existing loopholes.

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Why Customer Satisfaction Survey is Important?

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WeMark India

Sometimes companies develop a wrong notion that customers depend on them, this leads them to neglect the importance of customer satisfaction and eventually such companies start losing their credibility and reputation.

In a competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers; customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator. Businesses that succeed in these cut-throat environments are the ones that make customer satisfaction a key element of their business strategy.

The high level of customer satisfaction has a positive effect on the overall profitability of a company. If customers are satisfied with a company or service they are likely to share their experience with other people, encouraging them to get associated with that particular company. Similarly dissatisfied customers are likely to tell another ten people of their unfortunate experience and with social media readily available for consumers to tell their story to all those who have access to internet.

Successful business owners and managers quickly realize that keeping customers costs less than finding new ones. If certain practices drive customers away, a business repeatedly spends time and money on advertising and other efforts to recruit more. These business owners know that weaknesses in the production or delivery of goods lead to distressed customers, so they use online surveys to collect feedback.Customer satisfaction surveys can become imperative tools for improving your business and ensuring your customers is happy and loyal. At WeMark India, we provide the service of customer satisfaction surveys to ensure that you know your weak points and efficiently work on them to keep the customers happy and retain them.